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A lot of people said it before Colin and it was reported before he ever said anything about it.

If anything, Greg was the one saying that the game was gonna get delayed at the beginning of the year, with Colin saying that he would be wrong. Giving him credit for once hundreds of other people have already said B. Of course its true, but that’s not the concept of the line/joke. Colin is a member of Kinda Funny with Greg Miller, maybe even more importantly he is your new president in 2020 :-).

I sure hope to see even more :-) @ tusunami: Why does it matter?

What relevance does that have in regards to paulogy’s comment?

Popping the question to your love is hard enough, but former Day 26 singer Que (Qwanell Mosley) managed to do it in less than 140 characters. The tweet from Que’s account (@Que_thafuture) had heads everywhere watching for a response from Richard, who never tweeted back on whether or not she’s accepted or declined the very public proposal.