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It's a few days into production on the seventh and final season of USA Network's flagship series, and already the vibe on set is loose and relaxed.

"Let's just have a happy accident," says Donovan. More than a year before the drama -- which centers on burned (or blacklisted) spy Michael Westen, played by Donovan -- debuted in June 2007, showrunner Matt Nix envisioned a darker series set in gritty Newark, N. The major ingredients were there, including the series-defining sardonic humor, but something wasn't clicking.

Its value is not lost on USA and Fox Television Studios, which produces the series. S., ." Before the final season premiered June 6 to 4.3 million viewers, Fox TV Studios president David Madden, Sepiol, Nix and castmembers Donovan, Gless, Campbell, Coby Bell and Gabrielle Anwar sat down with to talk about the show's origins and success.

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star Jeffrey Donovan settles into his director's chair moments before the day's first scene gets under way.

But I could nerd out about espionage; I liked the idea of a show that portrayed this world as something the viewer could do, not something exotic where people had inexplicable skills.

Madden: What was endearing, aside from the fact that he's a wonderful storyteller, was this notion of taking a spy we've all seen -- an ice-cold loner, larger-than-life James Bond figure -- and humanizing him.

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