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Quincy feels betrayed by his father for lying to him and threatens to leave school for the NBA early, despite his father begging him not to sacrifice his education just to spite him.Zeke mentions that his mom was only nineteen when she was pregnant with Quincy and he wasn't ready for a family, but he stayed anyway.

Despite having a date of his own, Quincy notices her and immediately walks over to her to compliment her new appearance but doesn't hesitate to comment on her date.

They both show jealousy towards each others' dates and part ways.

Love & Basketball is a 2000 American romantic drama film starring Sanaa Lathan and Omar Epps.

The film tells the story of Quincy Mc Call (Epps) and Monica Wright (Lathan), two next-door neighbors in Los Angeles, California who are pursuing their basketball careers before eventually falling for each other.

Again, the same problems seem to present themselves, this time on a bigger stage.

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