Is online dating destroying love

And her persistence in getting back together again the next day. I thought I was listening well, responding well, and behaving well. But I could only make those assumptions about myself and my own thinking. She admitted to being an introvert, and I initially thought, “Oh, that’ll be interesting, to see how I am in relationship to an introvert.”And even in the real world, with all of our faculties between us, the miss between us was something deeper.

While she was sharing a lot about life and asking a lot of questions about me, she wasn’t really lighting up. After three meetings and the promise of an actual “date” for the weekend ahead, I was feeling good and yet still mixed. ”The next morning, she pinged me saying she’d considered our time together and felt it wasn’t going to be a match for her. And she would catch up with me spontaneously as the occasion might arise in the future. I had been feeling the miss, but I was trying to force it to be a match. And that’s when I understood it was time to kill my online dating profiles. My focus has gotten lost in all this browsing, assessing, and pursuit. But first, I must become the great lover I hope to meet, by becoming large enough to call her in, without the help of a dating site.

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This is because going out with someone you just met online has left most men and women on a never-ending search for that perfect partner.

One thinks to themselves, “A few more and I will find the right one” but the search goes on and on.

Here are just a few examples of how online profiles lie.

What online dating sites do well is up your odds of meeting people you might not otherwise ever come in contact with. Today Facebook is a lot more like TV than it used to be.

I walked away from our last meeting wondering, “Am I the one pushing this one along? What I really need to pursue is my dream and my creative output. And if I want to meet a match, I need to put myself and my life in the places where “she” already is.