Is peter andre dating alexandra burke Granny dating in hawaii

And last year, after winning the X Factor, she even vowed to stay single for 10 years to concentrate on her music career.

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She still wants to have a career as a doctor, so it is very unlikely she will be a stay at home mum."Rumours circulated that the pair were expecting, after Peter, 40, was pictured placing his hand on his partner's stomach at an event last month.

The baby - who will be Peter's third child - is said to be due in the early part of next year.

It would appear there is no tension between the pair from the scenes, as they looked close ahead of this weekend.

Alexandra and Gorka both recently confessed they shout at each other during rehearsals, as a means of getting the routine done.

'They’re only going to be good for me when I’m about 30 and thinking about kids.