Is trace cyrus still dating hannah beth

he shouldn’t get too much attention all the time,other people get too much of it and they’re not thinking of other attentions,so jeffree,don’t try to get too much of it,stay out of it and i better not hear you getting it. I LOVE HANNA BETH TOO BUT TRACE CYRUS AND HER SHOULD GET BACK TOGETHER THEY ARE LIKE THE BEST COUPLE!!!

don’t think about having too much attention all to yourself. keep yourself in control and don’t let it bite you in the neck. SO ANYWAYS SHUT THE HELL UP ALL YOU TRACE CYRUS HATERS!

And everyone decided to dress up like shit, except for Billy Ray, cuz you know, he's too cool for that. It looks like her mom's old closet threw up on her with those leggings, boots, and jacket.

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Miley Cyrus and pal Hanna Beth flash peace signs as they skate around at the Brentwood Skate Center in Tennessee on Sunday afternoon.

The whole Cyrus family went out on an ’80s themed skate date with Miley‘s special friend, Justin Gaston.

i don’t listen to christian songs,i like them but i don’t even wanna listen to them and i don’t even read the bible. i wish that my mom’s sister will not exist in this world. besides,she’s such a whore if she’ll get into a fight. what can i say,i can be very evil and i kinda enjoy it,i don’t take it so hard…=] i just take it easily.

sometimes i actually hate it when some people try to correct me,i don’t care about them. i really hate it,i’m a rebuke hater,i really hate my mom’s sister. she’s like my mom and my mom’s like my grandma and my grandma’s like my grandpa. i don’t know when will they get to know him better.

It's been bugging me for a while now, I'm a huge fan of the band Boys Like Girls and a while back I saw pictures of Martin Johnson, the front-man, and Hanna Beth, the scene queen, kissing.