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Especially outside Italy, giallo refers specifically to a particular Italian thriller-horror genre that has mystery elements and often contains slasher, crime fiction, psychological thriller, psychological horror, and, less frequently, supernatural horror elements.

In Italy, the term generally denotes thrillers, typically of the crime fiction, mystery, and horror subgenres, regardless of the country of origin.

The mystery is the identity of the killer, who is often revealed in the climax to be another key character, who conceals his or her identity with a disguise (usually some combination of hat, mask, sunglasses, gloves and trench coat).

Thus, the literary whodunit element of the giallo novels is retained, while being filtered through horror genre elements and Italy's long standing tradition of opera and staged grand guignol drama.

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, plural gialli) is a 20th-century Italian thriller or horror genre of literature and film.

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