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How Amado created Tieta as like/unlike Dona Flor will be interesting.

I'm reading DON CASMURRO this week but will make a thread for comments about TIETA. Looking forward to TIETA, which you are currently reading.

I hope you are enjoying [book: Swann\'s Way|12749] by Proust, whose biography by [book: Marcel Proust: A Life|1258289] is one of my life\'s tasks now."\n\n' $('comment_body_usertext').value;new Effect.

Highlight('comment_body_usertext')" class="small Text" href="#comment_form" Hello, Stacy! A World for Julius: A Novel is memorable, even warm and fuzzy--a young boy's and his wealthy family's coping with life in Lima.

There is a recipe for Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers in the author\'s blog..."\n\n' $('comment_body_usertext').value;new Effect. What a webpage you keep, \"Writing Finger: Translations of Poetry from Galician and Spanish into English\" I\'m looking forward to reading the page more ..."\n\n' $('comment_body_usertext').value;new Effect.

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