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Don't pay her." In an investigation spearheaded by Dean, several randomly-selected students confirmed many – but not all – of those allegations during subsequent proceedings, court records show.Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Judge Anne Covey ruled that Ellis Jones, a former teacher at Mastbaum Area Vocational Technical School, be reinstated to his position with the School District of Philadelphia – seven years after he was fired.

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Attorney Paul Cianci of Huntingdon Valley filed a motion for reconsideration on Thursday, extending the district's lengthy legal battle against Jones.

The motion claims the court's interpretation of School Code "is not supported by the text of the statute, is not followed by the school districts across the Commonwealth, and is not consistent with due process protections." District officials declined to comment, citing active litigation, spokesman Fernando Gallard said.

Ellis Jones, a mathematics teacher at Mastbaum Area Vocational Technical School during the 2008-09 school year, allegedly told students he did not need Viagra to get an erection, crassly explained sodomy, told inappropriate jokes, explained how to "huff" dangerous chemicals and repeatedly used the F-word.

Jones' behavior was so outrageous that members of an Ameri Corps program assisting in his classroom alerted the school's principal, prompting an investigation that ultimately called for his dismissal.

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