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Japan has other personal information protection laws that apply to the government and public organizations.The APPI does not provide the details of personal information protection, but establishes basic rules.

TOKYO, Japan – As a result of the worldwide circulation of an INTERPOL Purple Notice, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department arrested two Chinese suspects on 20 August at Narita Airport for stealing just months earlier a diamond ring valued at USD 170,000.

Footage from a Tokyo jeweller’s security camera enabled the INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB)...

Communicating safe sex messages to young Brazilians living in Japan is the goal of a new project by the Tokyo-based nonprofit Assistance Service for Brazilians in Japan (ASBJ).

In May, ASBJ began posting online a Portuguese translation of the Japanese novel "Love Communication," which was written by obstetrician-gynecologist Nahomi Sudo.

KYOTO, Japan – The ringleader of a child sex abuse network in Kyoto, identified via INTERPOL’s International Child Sexual Exploitation (ICSE) database, has been sentenced to eight years after being found guilty of charges including child prostitution and forcible indecency.