Jasmna webcam room

The audience will not participate in this seminar (because we lack the legal safety clearances), but it will probably be a lot of fun to watch. Piemonte Share Festival, the Italian art fair of electronics, digital art and new media, announces the theme for its 10th consecutive Share Prize: Sincerity This twelfth edition of the festival will be led by artistic director Bruce Sterling, American author, journalist, editor and critic.

To accomplish this end, our brave volunteers will rehearse making some prototype art objects with the Artmaker’s various blades, pliers, wires, vices, hammer, LED lights, Arduino board and its many other elegant yet ominous components.

This March 31 event will be the first time that the Share ‘Artmaker‘ set has ever been used by people who know what they are doing.

We sincerely promise that these tools will efficiently and usefully perform artistic functions!

The Artmaker toolkit is also supposed to be (a) affordable and (b) safe, and here we should frankly admit that our Share Festival Artmaker has some issues.

For 2017, Share Festival raises its lantern of Diogenes to search for technical artworks that are honest.