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I have also come across raunchy text messages on his mobile phone from a few girls, who have sent him nude pictures.

He claims he had signed up for a mobile music site, and that the site was sending him these dirty text messages.

Defending herself at those labelling her an 'attention seeker' and 'delusional' she wrote: 'Some of u are so mean.

However, the relationship swiftly turned sour, with the star revealing the end of the romance in a brief tweet last week: 'Wow to think you were someone special.

its a preference that doesnt affect anyone else around them so... It has been a long time since the last time a shared a “story”, Yet, so many things have happened in my life (mostly good), that I have decided to once more sit down and share. I had my social “coming-out” as a gay man…and to be... I really started to seperate myself from the church when I was about 8 years old and...