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During his later years in high school, he started taking theater classes, where he claimed he was the only "jock" in that department.When he was just a sophomore, a friend of Jensen had asked him to attend a local acting seminar.He caught the acting bug because he was mostly influenced by his father, who was an actor in Dallas.

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Jensen graduated from Dartmouth Elementary School in 1990, he graduated from Apollo Junior High School in 1993, and LV Berkner High School in 1996. He loves football, lacrosse, baseball and basketball.

He even played on the baseball and lacrosse teams in high school.

In real life, according to , they grew up together in South Carolina and started dating once they both moved to Los Angeles. (CLICK ON ANY OF THE PHOTOS ABOVE TO BE TAKEN TO OUR FULL CW-STARS-WHO-DATE FLIPBOOK!

During the event, a fan asked a question and Jensen can be heard saying in a video of the moment, “I think she wants to hear our pickup lines.” As fans cheer, Jared can be seen leaning over to Jensen and whispering something, after which Jensen responds with “no” - as in, don’t say that.

Sophia Bush and Austin Nicholas ("One Tree Hill") Sophia's a notorious costar-dater, and Austin is actually her second intra-"OTH" relationship (she was married to former co-star Chad Michael Murray for a hot second in 2005).