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Most of these surnames mentioned below, are descriptive and are generally based on a unique quality of the person or their nickname (such as the person's color of hair or skin).Furthermore, each of the surnames often take on similar alternate surnames with respect to the region.The island was controlled twice by the Norman Kingdom of Sicily: in *1135–1158 and in *1284–1333.

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Ferrari Unlike others, ‘ferraro’ or ‘ferrari’ is an occupational surname that means a blacksmith Romano This popular name is taken from the word, ‘romanus’, the latin word for Rome.

This surname and its other alternate descriptive name, ‘romani’, is generally given to someone from Rome.

Choosing just 10 surnames from such a huge list of surnames is practically impossible.

Nevertheless, we have short listed only those ten surnames which we felt are most popular.

where Odysseus was stranded on his voyage through the Mediterranean.