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Moreover, in addition to being idiots, these guys are hypocrites- where were they when the justice department was going after members of the NBPP in Phili - they sure as fuck weren't defending others' rights to congregate armed outside polling places, so perhaps the whole Militia=Neo-Nazi claims are more valid than the militias would like to admit.

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This time is no different, if some stupid Trump supporter starts shooting up a polling place- Trump WILL lose (legally) in the electoral college, of the popular vote.

And then they WILL come for peoples' guns, and the PEOPLE will back the FBI and ATF.

These weekend warriors don't understand shit about counter insurgency, much less how to successfully organize and execute an actual insurgency.

You have to let the system fail , which you cannot win without maintaining.

In an interview with Reuters, Walt Sims of the Last Ohio Militia, says his group is not a typical group of "right-wing government hating radicals", and unlike some of the other militias encountered by Reuters in its week-long reporting on armed militia groups, is "urging calm rather than predicting catastrophe." According to Sims, he did not feel at home with the other groups: "most of them we just didn't like; they were either too militant or too secret squirrel; we use the term tinfoil hat." Sims' ambition is simple: to take back the militia name from "the fringe element", and to make it a good term again.