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Although Frusciante’s career is incredible, his love life is rather shattered. Source: Follow news Although Frusciante was already paying ,000 per month to his ex-wife, she demanded more stating that the money wasn’t enough to maintain her quality living.

He was previously married to Nicole Turley, but their marriage ended in a rough divorce. Read the full article to know the story: Frusciante’s wife Turley is also an artist who belonged to ‘Swahili Blonde’ band as a drummer and lead vocalist. She also revealed that her ex-husband’s net worth was as high as million, had three houses and a private music studio.

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According to new legal docs filed in their divorce ...

John says Nicole's request for $75k/month in spousal support is crazy, especially because $21k of that is just to rent a music studio.

There is some news that this relationship is also going to end soon as Nicole has already filed divorce.

He is not gay at all but details on his children (kids) are however missing at this time.

He has added only 4 videos and pictures to his profile.

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