Johnny borrell currently dating

She also dated Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell for several months in 2007.

I’ve just asked him (what I thought was) a reasonable question about much publicised, and much derided, first week sales but he cuts me off.

Did the freedom that you had to do this, with a completely blank slate, make it easier to be creative without thinking about it being a hit? I said this to my friend yesterday, so this is about as unguarded as I can be.

There was a point in whatever year it was – six, or seven, or five – we were on the front of every magazine, we headlined Reading & Leeds, blah blah blah. But how fucking weird was this year; I’m on the cover of Vogue, playing this, playing that…something is cooking, you know?

But goodness, I am really going to have to watch who I stand next to from now on!

That period in the '00s when the guitar music bubble burst from too much Kooks and Kaiser Chiefs.

Reports are flying in that Emma Watson's mom and dad ‘went mad’ after finding out their young daughter had been partying with Razorlight singer Johnny Borrell last week, and have now forbidden the pair from meeting again.