Jose canseco dating lawyer

I got an emergency text the other day from one of my clients. In a couple of hours I whipped that agenda and made it my cabana boy, complete with references to Club Babalu, Jose Canseco, and the Bay of Pigs.

The proposed reality show was a spin-off of “Hollywood Exes,” which featured Canseco’s ex-wife, Jessica, who distinguished herself in the premiere episode by receiving a spa treatment to tighten her private parts.

The status of the spin-off is unclear, but Hubbard said she’s living in LA, plans to take the California bar exam in the spring and hopes to focus on sports and entertainment law.“I loved working for the DA, but this is a career change and I’m enjoying it,” she said.

Why work for a DA when she could go to work for herself? Any man would be lucky to have her.”Some also fear that Hubbard may be in over her head with the Canseco claim.

It’s her first real case and the lawsuit was written rather poorly.

He said he liked Worcester because “there’s no traffic,” it’s close to Boston and the people are friendly.