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The show has excellent production and entertainment values, a capable and engaging team, cool gadgets, and the gloss of solid scientific method about it, as befitting Gates' academic background in archaeology at Tufts University.

Hopefully, Josh Gates’ son will enjoy the adventure and excitement as much as his father, and they can eventually share in them together.

According to his Travel Channel bio, there’s a lot more to Gates than his levity.

Viewers may find themselves in the middle of a geography and history lesson without even realizing it when they go along on a wild and usually funny ride with Josh Gates during each episode.

In the latest episode, he begins his journey in Madeira, a small island off the coast of Portugal, and decides to ride down a very steep hill in a wicker sled being steered by two men.

We have recently seen Massachusetts-native Gates and his road warriors explore and investigate the Great Wall of China, Masada in Israel, and leprechaun-central in rural Ireland, among other exotic locales including, um, New Jersey (with GH's Kris Williams guesting).

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