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To the contrary, we're presented with a picture of a God who's quite able to move us from place to place if we're not where we ought to be, whether by natural means (as He did calling Mary and Joseph back to Bethlehem for the royal census) or by supernatural means (as He did with Philip when He supernaturally transported him after his meeting with the Ethiopian eunuch).

If you're following God and obeying Him, you have no need to worry about whether you've missed His will for your life.

The Bible is completely absent of any admonitions to worry about missing God's will.

We are instructed to follow Him, but we're never asked to fret about it.

So we're left with hounding questions: What exactly is God doing with our lives? So I set out on a journey in search of the truth about being single. challenged me with this question when I was struggling to find contentment being single.