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We’ve chatted in general, and he almost always initiates the conversation. He wants to make it clear you’re not seeing anyone else. I have had four clients in the past month who paid $250/hr for the privilege of hearing this same information by phone. You had a moment of chemistry – you slept together or you didn’t – he said a few nice things to you that you held onto forever – and he went back to pursuing other women. Why would he say that nice thing to me two years ago? Why would he be calling me regularly if he didn’t care? You’re going to make some guy very happy one day.” He meant all of it.

He even asked if we were going to be at the same event in a few months. ” He reserves plans with you every Friday and Saturday night. Here are the answers to those questions, once and for all. Yet none of it means that he wants you to be his girlfriend. Because there doesn’t have to be ANY connection between sex and feelings.

I admit that my interest has rekindled, but I have kept my distance and just tried to be a sounding board for him out of respect. 1) He said that nice thing to you two years ago because he meant it two years ago. Which is hard to understand because YOU would never have sex with someone you weren’t attracted to or have feelings for. 3) You ever have a nice guy friend who you would never date? You’re the nice girl who gives him straight answers – not to mention attention, concern, stability, and unconditional love. To sum up, Dyana – I only get agitated because it’s SO EASY to figure out where you stand with a guy.

My question is: do you think there’s a possibility for something there between us? And I don’t care if it means that my blog comes to a grinding halt because every woman finally GETS it, and there are no more questions to ask the dating coach…

Your issue is so epidemic that there should be a book devoted to it. And I definitely changed my behavior toward guys after hearing it.