Karen barber and daniel whiston dating

) I met sharon davies many moons ago when opened an open air pool at port seaton,i also met fredd eliot from corrie in a paper shop round the corner from granada studios,i was taking the kids to the science and industry muesum,he was pig ignorant, I also used to run with tom mkean who was a famous scottish runner for about 5 mins.

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The owner said, after she'd left, that she does comes in from time to time. ) tennis player at the Science Museum in London last year I met Emma Thompson a few years ago.

My husband was working on a film she was in with Dustin Hoffman. We had my SD for the weekend but hubby had to work, so we went up to see him. He was about to walk past us and stopped to shake my hand. I worked for many years in a ski resort in Canada and met a few, some very nice and some were so arrogant.

Emma's assistant invited us into her Winnebago (sp! She had a lovely chat with us about Nanny Mc Phee and then gave my SD 10 to spend in the shops! The ones on the top of my head: Tom Cruise very arrogant!!!

, Queen Latifah so nice, funny and down to earth, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher- she was very serious he is very funny and sooo good looking (unlike tom cruise who is not that good looking in person), Paris Hilton was nice one minute and the next minute she was a b***, Hugh Jackman was the nicest celebrity I've met so far, Heidi klum and Seal were very nice too, Kurt Rusell was very full of himself (never really liked him hahaha)..

I also met a few famous tennis players at a ball some years ago as a friend of mine knew one, and I must say some were nice, but a few loved themselves, but I am not naming them, but I quickly went off watching them play tennis after that.