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Now recently, he is working at GQ Special Correspondent of the show ' The Resistance.' And he has also made multiple acting appearances.

Keith is recently estimated to have a net worth of around million dollars, and this guy has earned roughly million dollars per year through his current commentator contracts.

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"Give him a chance because we’re all supposed to pretend this is a normal man and that was a normal election because we’re all supposed to forget that the Russians interfered with the election and the involvement of the FBI at minimum affected the outcome." He continued: "Because we’re all going to follow The Washington Post and call them populists instead of white supremacists -- even though they are white supremacists. Each statement of substance or policy will be met with one of resistance.

Give him a chance -- all we are saying is give fascism a chance. It might not be a bottomless pit." "This is not my president," he said, "And judging by the margin by which Hillary Clinton won the popular vote... Each action and event staged by this man, who lost the popular vote, will be met with protest.

On the new podcast, he praised the work of field reporters covering the Trump and Clinton campaigns, but raged against desk-bound analysts who are behaving as if it’s an ordinary election year.

“If you had a tsunami every day, how good would your coverage of the tsunami every day be? “Frankly, many of the people who went out to cover the first one didn’t come back.

The sports and political commentator, Olbermann holds the American nationality and is of the White ethnicity.