Kids dealing with parents dating

“Remember when you….” followed by some hideously embarrassing story that makes us look like fools. I think the basis for a great relationship between adult kids and parents is respect.Another important factor is not expecting your adult kids to be you.I recently laughed with a friend about how I used to feel still 10 years old when I visited my father, as an adult, and often did and said things that I couldn’t believe I’d just done. Sometimes, our parents bring out the worst in us, even after we’re grown up.

And some parents remind us constantly of our failings when we were young.

Doing that seems like a bad idea to me, and brings out the worst in all of us.

But I also didn’t have the kind of family support they do.

In fact, I had absolutely none; I was totally on my own.

But how simple it would be if they all lived exactly the way we do, like little carbon copies of us—-WITHOUT all the hideous glaring mistakes we made. I sure made my share of terrible mistakes when I was young.