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In 2005, when the Johnstown Magazine was created, Williams took over the position of design editor for the monthly publication.“I was thrilled because the magazine was and still is something Johnstown needs so people can see the city in a positive light and see all the good things happening here,” she said.

“I love the magazine, and I am passionate about it.

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The design editor of Johnstown Magazine will retire Thursday after a long career of using her artistic skills to enhance both the newspaper and magazine publications.“I’ll miss the camaraderie with some of the folks I work with,” Williams said.

“It’s nice coming in and being able to have conversations with them and see them every day.” The Westwood resident started her career at the newspaper in the early 1980s when she was asked to do some political cartoons.“I did that for a couple months,” Williams said.

I’m grateful that I was given the freedom to design.”Some of Williams’ favorite pieces to work on have been the books The Tribune-Democrat has published.

Her designs can be seen in “Slap Shots and Snapshots,” “Homelands,” Disaster’s Wake: A Retrospective of the 1977 Johns-town Flood” and “Heroes Were Made.”“They were so much fun, and it was so nice that my skills were trusted,” Williams said.

These documents include Master Title Plats, which are a composite of all Federal surveys for a township.