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And then some handsome 20-something came up with a way to rebrand dating to better aid in the pursuit of abstinence and wrote a book. But while I was completely devoted to abstinence itself, Harris’ whole “courtship” thing always rang a little off-key to me. * I spent most of my morning reading the stories that people posted on Joshua Harris’ blog. In the Christian bookstore, when I was 14, every bit of fiction for teens was aimed toward this one version of the story. But of course, neither of these is the only version, the only method, the only Some wise and lovely people have suggested that pulling Harris’ books from the shelves is the best course of action, and perhaps they’re right.After that boyfriend moved on, I went on to date – and kiss – a few different fellows without regret or crippling emotional anxiety. But to me, that seems like a step back in the fight against censorship.As a writer who finds herself dealing with matters of faith, this is absolutely terrifying to me.

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It was these books and this Christian Romance Novel kind of faith that fueled my cynicism and pain and anger in really profound and furious ways in my 20s. Listen: The Christian bookstores are a dying beast.

And I’ve been thinking about these books and about Joshua Harris and his research project. Authors, pastors, anyone speaking into matters of faith are fallible, broken. We don’t think the same things that we thought five years ago, let alone when we were twenty-one. They are disappearing, turning into Walgreens and Paneras.

Michelle Boorstein’s article in The Washington Post offers the following explanation for his resignation: In an interview, Harris said the isolation of Covenant Life, and of a small cluster of churches of which it was a part, may have fed leadership mistakes, including the decision of pastors — himself among them — to handle a child sexual abuse case internally instead of going to police.

Mahaney and took Mahaney’s position as senior pastor at Covenant Life Church (Sovereign Grace Ministries flagship church) in 2004 until 2015, when he resigned.

Parents and young adults were excited about a more wholesome way of dating.