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Construction of an opera house, named after the pre-independence Kosovar Albanian leader Ibrahim Rugova, began in the capital in 2009.Many of Kosovo’s cultural and archaeological artifacts remain in Belgrade, Serb., where they were taken prior to the 1998–99 conflict.

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However, there was relatively little written literature in the in Kosovo proceeded to develop differently than it did in Albania, where the communist government imposed more severe ideological constraints.

Among the best-known Kosovar Albanian writers of the 20th and 21st centuries are the novelist, playwright, and poet Eqrem Basha; the poet and critic Sabri Hamiti; the poet Ali Podrimja; the scholar, novelist, and political figure Rexhep Qosja; the novelist Zejnullah Rrahmani; the poet Azem Shkreli; and the poet, doctor, and political activist Flora Brovina, who gained renown during her imprisonment by Yugoslav authorities in 1999–2000.

Pristina in particular became a vibrant centre for art, drama, and music.

Folk, classical, and contemporary popular music thrived.; the others were inscribed in 2006.

In Kosovo’s largely secular society, most people dress in Western clothing.