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I think Kent is the one Travis meant when he said that some dancers have not realized they were Gay until during the show or tour.Gay boys often have crushes on girls but that doesn't mean that theory about Kent might be quite possible, he comes from middle of Ohio, there was like only 20 people in his high school class, and he was sooo childish during season 7, no matter what I love him, Kent for an all-star oh, talking about Kent, in next SYTYCD afterbuzz show Kent and Mollee will be guests People often forget that most people on the show are 18-21, when I was 13 and watched this show I thought that they were so grown up, now I'm older than some of them and I know that they are just kids, so he could think that he's straight, or just tell people so but who really knows His crush on Lauren looked so real...

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Koumaev was born in Khabarovsk, Russia and moved to Mill Creek, Washington when he was seven years old.

He started dancing at age 11 training under Kimera Lewis, after watching the film Breakin'.

At age 16, Ivan moved to Los Angeles, CA to pursue dance as a career where he remained an integral part of Team Boogiezone – OC.

Just as Ivan reached adulthood at age 18, he was chosen to be one of the 20 finalists on the 2nd Season of Fox’s hit series So You Think You Can Dance.

Do not miss out on this remarkable opportunity with one of the hottest choreographers in today’s entertainment industry!