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Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials Sensitizing CARICOM to Climate Change The small island states of the Eastern Caribbean are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, and to heighten public awareness within the region to this threat, media professionals from throughout the Englishspeaking Caribbean gathered in Belize City for a training workshop on this issue.

Belizes National Climate Change Office (NCCO) hosted the workshop as a follow-up to a public survey of Climate Change knowledge, attitudes and practices. British soldier gave out rations at Her Majestys prison case the tow was destroyed.

The winning submission came from Kimberly Houghton, a student from the Island Academy School. However, today she was found safe and in good health.

According to Mariela Archer, Environmental Education at Hol Chan Marine Reserve and main coordinator for 2017 Reef Week activities, the theme will emphasize the importance of protecting the reef so that future generations can enjoy it. If we do not protect the reef it will affect all of us; not just the tour guides who depend directly from it, but everyone, explained Archer. Liberty Hall Short listed The people have it twisted. It was for the upliftment of Black people it was dedicated. Police reportedly find grenade on Southside Our newsroom has received reports that Belize City police located a grenade on Fern Lane.

The first relates to the changes that will take place this October in Eu- ropes sugar regime.