Labview not updating gui

Lab View Git Env can automatically detect your version of Lab VIEW to use for diffs and merges if you have VIKit installed.

If not, you may also need to edit your Lab VIEW path.

However, if you use GIT Gui, there are few more settings to configure, and you can find them in the sections below. The one you are seeing here (master) should be fairly empty, the other ones represent everything that is needed for Linux, Mac and Windows.

labview not updating gui-34labview not updating gui-85


Your virtual blueprint for implementing the latest GUI applications for Lab VIEW !

If you are using Lab VIEW on Linux or Mac and want to use it with GIT, then please contact me and we can surely figure this out pretty fast.

To configure GIT to use Lab View Git Env, just open Git Bash on Windows or any Shell on Linux and Mac and issue the following Cofigures GIT system wide.

If you can't find those two, you may use the following commands to search through your system (replace the "c" with whatever drive letter your Lab VIEW is installed on) The first one will search for your Lab View Bin, the second one will search for your Lab View Shared (be sure to only use the part of the path till the Shared folder without the trailing slash). If you have set your Path variable according to the installation instructions, almost everything will work out of the box.