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It's not about chasing what is happening right now.

It's about being authentic to ourselves, to make sure that we are evolving musically, but also to make sure that we don't lose sight of who we are as a band.

Thankfully, we had a video camera with us on so much of those early days, and we can look back on the footage of that time, and it's almost like a video diary.

But I wish that I had my thoughts on paper."The band will add plenty to their memory book concerning 2017 – including the June 9 release of , their seventh studio album.

It also gave us three a chance to really hunker down together – we lived in a house together, we went to Florida and to southern California. There was a sense of getting to live in the midst of creating."The band took several months apart to work on different projects for a time, following 2014's and Haywood sharpened his skills as a producer, working with rising country trio Post Monroe.