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The symbols are at least several centuries old—early forms appeared on excavated pottery as well as what are most likely ceramic stools and headrests from the Calabar region, with a range of dates from 400 to 1400 CE. The name of a boy called 'Onuaha' as recorded by J. Macgregor noted the growing European influence on nsibidi. One theory traces the word to the Ekoid languages, where it means "cruel letters", reflecting the harsh laws of the secret societies that hold nsibidi knowledge.

It is primarily used by the Ekpe leopard secret society (also known as Ngbe or Egbo), which is found across Cross River among the Ekoi, Efik, Igbo people, and other nearby peoples. In Calabar, nsibidi is mostly associated with men's leopard societies such as Ekpe.

Go Hyae Me (Suzy) is forced to live by her own means after her father’s business fails and he flees to Canada to try to get help from family.

Song Sam Dong (Kim Soo Hyun) wants to be a farmer but falls in love with Hye Mi and follows her to the performing arts school and discovers his hidden musical talent.

Jin Kuk (Taecyeon), the school president’s son, is naturally gifted at dancing and rapping and is very protective of Hye Mi, his childhood friend.