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‘We’ve had quite a lot of negative comments from the public, but we live in our own bubble,’ he promised.

‘Live each day as it comes, we try and block out all the negativity.’ Revealing how his pansexuality means that he’s attracted to all types of genders, Connor went on to say: ‘As long as I’ve got that connection with somebody, having a laugh, cooking meals, going out walking the dog…

Lauren underwent gender reassignment surgery in 2002 and admitted that at first she was fearful of finding love as she considered herself to be 'vulnerable'.

Blushing as she described her 'much younger' lover, the star - who first sprang into the public eye as a precocious 12-year-old antiques expert called James on the Antiques Roadshow - revealed she felt happy and comfortable with her new man.

That’s the reason we click.”After chatting to Lauren alone, the panel then invited Connor to come and take a seat next to his other half, who he met on Twitter.

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