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Send your appilcation to this address: 123 Star Avenue Hollywood” on the screen.

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Leave the market and go left until you see the “Motel’s Office” room at the Wayside Motel building. Use the telephone to dial in this number: 555-7383 (as in “555-PETE”, as shown in the magazine). small plain pizza.” In response, ‘Papa Pete’s Pizza’ will ask, “Where do you want that delivered? ” When the door swings open, enter and walk to the right until you see a man.

Enter and head right until you see a telephone on a desk and a bunch of white pens with red tops. Click ‘Call’, and someone will answer and say, “Papa Pete’s Pizza. ” Say “Motel Room 4B” and Papa Pete’s Pizza will assure you, “Ok, we’ll send a driver right over.” Then exit out of the office. You’ll offer, “Want me to take care of that for you? I want to get home and watch TV, anyway.” She will give you the pizza box and go away. That’s Bucky Lucas, the local celebrity of Wayside Town, which is the area of Reality TV Island you are on.

Aim for the plates with the least damage, and pull the slingshot just halfway for the lower plates and farther for the top row of plates.

The person with the most of their plate left unbroken is the winner!

For your reference, here is an alphabetical list of possible opponents you may be up against: Betty Brownie, Betty Jetty, Black Widow, Bret Batter, Busy Bob, Cathy Codex, Chef Jeff, Director D, Dr.