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In an interview with Newsweek, Khalifa said her critics were accusing her of shaming Lebanon by appearing in adult films with such a tattoo on her body.“They’re embarrassed I’m 'claiming' them - as if I had a choice. Khalifa told the site her parents have also stopped speaking to her because of her career choice.

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Against Facebook finally admits it has nearly 270 million active Facebook accounts are copies or clones In the fine print of Facebook’s impressive third-quarter earnings report are two crucial statistics that tell the real story behind the social [...]We would like to introduce an interesting and horrifying concept.

What if Facebook's algorithms are actually steering victims to scammers right now?

“I’ve dragged their name through the mud,” she said.

"I feel guilty for dragging them into this and having all their friends know now that it’s on Lebanese media.

Her ranking drew strong criticism from many, including some in the Middle East who branded her “a disgrace” to the country and “shameful”.

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    As it turned out, the statist Donald Trump easily seized control of Republican populism, exploiting the fact that it was fueled by outlandish, paranoia-tinged diatribes, which are much easier to redirect than principled cases for a positive agenda.

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    You need to support of your GP and family and friends to beat this but you must beat it as my sister nearly died due to the damage these medications have caused.

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