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One of them (who was mad hot) looks at me and says “You know, he does have a good point.

I’m tired of men saying they only want to watch netflix with me, even though they deep down inside want to get in my pants.

Fast forward a week later, and I once again have to take that same bus. Not only do I have this psycho bitch, but now her friends are here too. “Well, I wanted to discuss what you said to me the other day.

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You have to slowly ease into things, not escalate so quickly. There’s no need to talk the way you did.” At this point of the conversation, I was getting annoyed and pissed off. You’re young, inexperienced, and quite frankly don’t understand how attraction works in the real world.

Here’s the facts.” “If, for example, I want to fuck you (points at one of the girls), I will let you know very fast.

Perhaps this is why you would say such a thing.” When I’m done speaking, this woman puts on a smirk. One of them then tells me “Yes you are being direct, but the problem is that the way you are speaking is disrespectful.

” Playing on to her little game, I state “Well, I can tell from looking at you that you are quite comfortable in your own skin”. I open up my backpack, and pull out a copy of “The Prince” by Niccolo Machiavelli. I knew right off the bat that I was going to get verbally gangbanged. I don’t think you should be talking to women that way.” Her friends nod.

As a result, my voice was pretty loud, and most people just stood there in awkward silence listening to me. Mainly a political book, but it’s pretty good.” Next thing you know, this girl rips the book out of my hand and starts staring at the cover. I knew I would soon be the center of attention, but I didn’t care.