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Is #Rich Lee a reality, or a figment of fanagination gone wild? This was back in 2013, and his star has risen higher ever since.Rumors abound, from second hand knowledge, ‘hard’ photographic evidence and glimpses of the truth from countless hours spent internet sleuthing and carefully watching every interview Pace and Armitage ever sat on together. The other men on that list have girlfriends you can google, but search“Lee Pace Girlfriend” and google gives you Richard Armitage. Pace saying in a Comic Con interview “[Richard] is an amazing man and I love him”.

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He is the son of Charlotte (née Kloeckler), a schoolteacher, and James Roy Pace, an engineer.

He grew up along with his siblings; Sally and William, spending most of his childhood in Saudi Arabia because of his father's business. Pace studied at the Klein High School in Spring, Texas and for a short time dropped out to act in Houston's Alley Theatre.

It looks like a bird got caught in her hair and was trapped and died in a flurry of feathers and she never noticed and they're still stuck there and all her friends are going hee hee anna has those feathers in her hair and she doesn't know yet and then she gets home and looks in the mirror and goes omg you guys why didn't you tell me about these feathers I am so embarrassed I went out like this it's a good think my shorts are so nice.

ARE YOU a famous person having a Top Secret Affair? I didn't watch Pushing Daisies, and otherwise the only reason I would have come into this post is to say her face looks *really* gaunt.

In a similar vein, Armitage answers the question, “What comes to mind when you see Lee?

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    He did the same repair that "Rolex" would do, but I had my watch in 2 weeks not 2-3 months when Rolex does it.

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