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The online dating industry generates billions of dollars per year in revenues, and there are thousands of different companies running online dating websites and mobile apps.Because of the massive business opportunity, companies are continually testing new business models and technologies to facilitate online dating.

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There are also significant legal risks for businesses running online dating websites and apps.

The large amount of personal information that consumers upload to online dating services creates a legal minefield for businesses.

Russian-language job sites brim with the postings: “Needed: an interpreter …

[to] correspond with foreigners in chat rooms and by letter,” reads one listing that appeared on Vkontakte recently. initiative and the ability to keep the conversation going are welcome!

None of this has escaped the notice of the Federal Trade Commission, the U. agency responsible for protecting consumers against fraud. have also investigated dating sites for the same practice — but without solid results. — where the FTC’s Midwest director, Steven Baker, says industry executives have repeatedly approached him with “concerns about the use of fake profiles” at some sites — the practice remains more or less unchecked. Until mid-2014, the company openly ran a program called “Ashley’s Angels,” in which paid AM employees messaged visitors from sexy female profiles that weren’t conspicuously identified as fictional.