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Tavish (Gefilte fish) Gil Fish Ginger Rayl, Ginger Snapp, Ginger Vitus Gladys C. Wayne Carver, MD (Connecticut medical examiner who carves up dead people.) Hamilton Burger (Ham Burger, character on the old Perry Mason TV series) Harden Thicke Harold Assman (and you thought that Seinfeld episode was just a joke) Harry Armand Bach Harry Baals (real person) Harry Beard, Harry Beaver, Harry Butts Harry Caray (famous sports announcer) Harry Chest, Harry Cox, Harry Dangler, Harry Johnson, Harry Legg, Harry Hooker, Harry P. Green, Teresa Green Thomas Richard Harry Tiffany Box (a real person, see THIS) Tim Burr Tish Hughes Tittsworth & Grabbe, real law firm Tom A.

) Jack Haas Jack Hammer Jack Knoff Jack Pott Jack Tupp (the perfect name for a car mechanic) Jacklyn Hyde Jasmine Rice (I found this one in my cupboard) Jay Walker Jean Poole Jed Dye (Jedi) Jenny Tull Jerry Atrick Jim Laucher (gym locker) Jim Shorts, Jim Shu, Jim Sox Jo King Joe Kerr (joker) Jordan Rivers Joy Kil Joy Rider June Bugg Justin Case, Justin Casey Howells, Justin Hale, Justin Inch, Justin Miles North (just ten miles north), Justin Sane, Justin Time, Kandi Apple Katherine (Kat) Toy (a real person) Kay Bull Keelan Early (dying young) - real person who submitted his own name Kelly Green Ken Dahl Kenny Penny Kent C. ) Kenya Dewit Kerry Oki King Queene Lake Speed (a real person, NASCAR race car driver) Lance Boyle, Lance Butts Laura Lynne Hardy, Laurel Ann Hardy Laura Norder (law and order) Laurence Getzoff Leigh King (leaking) Les Moore Les Payne - should be an anesthesiologist Les Plack, a real dentist Levon Coates Lewis N. Ford Max Little Max Power May Day May Furst Mel Loewe Melba Crisp (real person who emailed me) Melody Music Mia Hamm (a real person) Mike Easter Mike Hunt Mike Raffone Mike Reinhart (My Cryin' Heart - sounds like it could be a country song) Mike Rotch Mike Stand (a real person) Mike Sweeney (sounds as Mike's weenie), famous baseball player Milly Graham Minny van Gogh Missy Sippy (and her mom, Mrs. Dick Molly Kuehl Mona Lott Monica Monica (real person) Morey Bund Muddy Waters (famous blues singer, real name Mc Kinley Morganfield) Myles Long Nancy Ann Cianci Nat Sass Neil Down, Neil Crouch Neil Mc Neil (submitted by his cousin) Nick O. Bagg (partner of Robin Banks below) Pierce Cox (ouch! Cox (real person) Richard Chopp (real Urologist in Austin, TX, does vasectomies) Rick O'Shea Rick Shaw Rip Torn Rita Buch, Rita Story Robin Andis Merryman Robin Banks, Rob Banks, Robin Feathers, Robin Money, U. Money Robert and Reginald Soles (allegedly real brothers: R.

Pullem (allegedly a real dentist) Ileane Wright, Ilene South (West, East...) Ima Hogg (a real person, daughter of a Texas governor) Iona Ford Iona Frisbee (alledgedly a real person) Iona Stonehouse (also alledgedly a real person) Isadore Bell (a real person) Ivan Oder Ivana Mandic (a real basketball player) Ivy Leage Jack Hoff Jack Goff (my uncle - no kidding! Studebaker Pat Downe (a real person) Pat Mc Cann Pat Hiscock Patience Wait (a real person) Patton Cox Pearl Button Pearl E. White Peg Legge Penny Dollar, Bill Dollar (real people) Penny Lane, Penny Nichols, Penny Profit, Penny Wise Pepe Roni Pete Moss and his son Forest Peter Johnson (a real announcer on public radio), Dick Johnson Peter Peed Peter Wacko, DDS (real dentist in Calgary, AB, Canada) Phil Bowles (must be a pot dealer) Phil Graves (cemetery employee, works with his brother Doug Graves) Phil Rupp Phil Wright, DDS (real dentist in Anchorage, AK) Phillip D. Slicker Randy Guy Randy Lover Raney Schauer Ray Gunn Ray Zenz (raisins) Raynor Schein Reid Enright Rex Easley (reportedly a real traffic safety teacher at Kamiakin High, Kennewick, WA) Rhea Curran Rhoda Booke, Rita Booke Rich Feller, Rich Guy, Rich Kidd, Rich Mann Richard P.

I also know siblings named Rusty Keys and Penny Keys. In a neighboring town, many years ago, a family named Teed had two sons, whom they named Warren and Garren.

My name instead ended up being Melissa Ann Naze."And this is from another Dye: "My maiden name is Mandy Brown and I married Timmy Dye. Our marriage announcement in the local paper read BROWN-DYE. "From Kristin G: "When I was a teenager, I worked with a woman named Terry (spelled that way) who married a man with the last name Terry (yes, spelled that way) so her name was Terry Terry.

'Cathy May but Trudy Will.' They were both good looking, too."From Teri Wright: "On funny names, I have came across a few through my work: Justin Towne and Heaven Leigh Day are the most recent.