Link exchange with dating sites

The linking site you earn a link from doesn’t have to be an authority in its niche, and it doesn’t have to be the same links as your competitors to get the same rankings.

Even if the site is unrelated to your site (and you just bagged a lucky link on a well-managed website) – THAT is a GREAT link in 2017. What it should NOT be is a website (or websites) that ONLY exist to provide links to other sites to boost rankings.

Sites that are designed just to link out to other websites to help seo are toxic in 2017 and Google has a bit of an after-hours hobby of going after a lot of link schemes in these days.

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News-jacking stories **in related** niches (or your own) is still a great way of picking up natural, socially driven links.

I’ve gone off topic on a number of times to chase links.

Recently I was editorially linked to, from a on a ‘‘ off topic subject to an article I wrote two years ago.