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If you have signed up to receive automatic emails about new loan products through our free service features on our website, you can cancel at anytime by simply sending an email. In order to be employed, each person must sign a pledge up to uphold our privacy and security standards, and commit not to share your information with any third parties other than authorized agents. Who can I contact to find out more about your privacy practices? Please contact our Privacy and Compliance department by email.

You can also respond to our email with "unsubscribe" in the subject line, and we'll delete your name. How long will you keep my personal information on file? In keeping with Federal and state banking regulations, we may not delete customer information even for loans that are withdrawn for a period of seven years. We welcome your comments and suggestions about how we can improve our privacy procedures.

After your loan is closed, we will periodically send your emails about new products we offer that can help you save money by reducing your cost of borrowing.

Our customers generally find this information very helpful, but you can choose not to receive it by responding to the opt-out question we ask you after your loan is funded. Every staff member is trained on our privacy and security procedures on their first day of employment.

We do not share information about your specific loan application with these institutions.

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