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In 1982, the breakup of the Bell System encouraged subscribers to own their own telephone extensions instead of renting them from local phone companies; Radio Shack offered twenty models of home phones.

Much of the Radio Shack line was manufactured in the company's own factories.

Radio Shack is an American chain of wireless and electronics stores, founded in 1921 and since 2017 has approximately 28 remaining corporate locations, which are owned by General Wireless Operations, Inc., who are leasing the name from Kensington Capital Holdings.

Radio Shack operates as an online website and the name is licensed to approximately 425 independently owned franchise stores.

By 1990/1991, Tandy was the world's biggest manufacturer of personal computers as its OEM manufacturing capacity was building hardware for Digital Equipment Corporation, GRi D, Olivetti, AST Computer, Panasonic, and others.

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