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On January 1, 2006 Mammoth Corporation had retained earnings of ,000,000.

During 2006, they had net income of 0,000 and dividends of 0,000.

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4)Both stock splits and dividends have the impact of reducing the market price of the stock Which of the following are the typical rights afforded the preferred stockholders?

1)A preference to receive dividends when declared by the board of directors before common stockholders can receive their dividends 2)A preference to receive the liquidation value of the assets as stated in the stock contract before common stockholders can receive their share.

3)The right to vote on major corporate issues including electing the board of directors. 1)An initial public offering (IPO) occurs when the company first offers their stock for sale to the public.

2)A seasoned new issue is the term used for any additional sales of new stock to the public after the IPO. Coca-Cola reported net income in 2004 equal to $4,847 million.

The expected useful life of the machine is 6 years and the residual value is $5,000.