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* ****** t******************* ********************************************* Adventuring with Books V , - I v ill 1 1 Ia Ii Iioii I u I iiĀ» \ 1 . Thirty Austin, Texas, area teachers, librarians, bookstore owners, college faculty, and graduate students helped us to compose reviews. Shiring, William Teale, Barbara Thomas, Jane Townsend, and Georgene Wilson. On tinted paper, the illustrations have both colonial flair and humor.

The formerly functional, such as an endpaper, is often an interest-capturing contributor to a book's total effect. Even though nine-year-old Michelle Emmert is younger chan her sister Amy, Michelle plays the role of big sister because Amy has cerebral palsy and cannot walk or talk or sit unsupported. After an arduous journey and encounters with storms, wild rivers, and Native American war parties, Townsend discovered the warbler, which was later named for him.

Variations in format are wide and accomplished in their so- phistication. Nevertheless, Amy brings unmitigated joy to those who love her. The text, which draws on Townsend's journal, is inter- spersed with black-and-white photos, paintings of period scenes, and portraits.

Shiring, The University of Texas at Austin William Teale, The University of Texas at San Antonio Barbara Thomas, Toad Hall Children's Book Store, Austin, Texas Jane Townsend, University of Florida Georgene Wilson, Austin, Texas Independent School District Michael Spooner, NCTE Staff Liaison ERLC 4 i Adventuring with Books \ A Booklist for Pre-K-Grade 6 Tenth Edition Edited by Julie M. Roser The University of Texas at Austin National Council of Teachers of English 1111 W. 339, excerpted from " T Says the Poem" from A Sky Full of Poems by Eve Merriam. Publicity accorded to any particular point of view does not imply endorsement by the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors, or the membership at large, except in announcements of policy, where such endorsement is clearly specified. Second, even if we had received all the books published between 19, time and space would have set limitations. Read- ers might also be interested to learn that when the brothers tested their first "full-size, man-carrying glider" in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, in the fall of 1900, they lived in a tent, and that 30 9 10 Biography when the Wrights offered their successful airplane idea to the U. military, they were "turned down without a hearing/ 7 This photographic account of the Wrights' most famous invention is clearly written and well documented by their own words and photographs.

Kenyon Road, Urbana, Illinois 61801-1096 5 NCTE Editorial Board: Keith Gilyard, Ronald Jobe, Joyce Kinkead, Louise Phelps, Gladys Veidemanis, Charles Suhor, Chair, ex officio, Michael Spooner, ex officio Manuscript Editor: Jane M. Smith Interior Design: Doug Burnett Cover Design: R Maul Cover Illustration: Wayne Anderson. Used by permission of Green Tiger Press, an imprint of the Simon & Schuster Ch Lidren's Book Division. Permissions acknowledgements for photographs appear on p. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data National Council of Teachers of English. Of 20,000 or so books that might have been reviewed, we have included nearly 1,800 annotations of approximately 2,000 books (two or more books in a series appear in a single review). In a memoir of World War II from the perspective of a very young English boy, illustrator Michael Foreman re-creates a time when his village was crowded with soldiers, when barbed wire lined the beaches against invasion, and when incendiary bombs lit the night sky, one just missing young Michael's bed. Notable 1991 Children's Trade Books in the Field of Social Studies.

Annotated Bibliographies; *Childrens Literature; Elementary Education; Fantasy; Fiction; Mathematical Concepts; Nonfiction; Poetry; Preschool Education; ^Reading Material Selection; ^Recreational Reading; Scientific Concepts; Social Studies Historical Fiction; Trade Books ABSTRACT Designed to help teachers, librarians, and parents introduce books of exceptional literary and artistic merit, accuracy, and appeal to preschool through sixth grade children, this annotated bibliography presents nearly 1,800 annotations of approximately 2,000 books (2 or more books in a series appear in a single review) published between 19. Sciences and Mathematics 371 Aeronautics and Space 372 Animal Kingdom 376 Animal Behaviors 376 Birds 382 Domesticated Animals 385 Insects and Spiders 386 Ocean Life 387 Pets 390 Reptiles and Amphibians 391 Wild Animals 392 Archeology 396 Conservation and Ecology 396 Earth Science, Meteorology, and Oceanography 401 Energy 405 General Science Concepts 406 Geography 407 Human Body, Health, and Development 408 Machines 411 Mathematics 411 Plants 412 Prehistoric Life 414 ERLC Contents ix 12.