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Parity of esteem regarding the able bodied and the disabled or simply Parity the UK based charity advocating equal rights for men and women regarding state pension entitlements.

European banks shunned by investors throughout 2016 and Europe in 2017 LOL Markets burnt twice by Europe and won't entertain risking a third scorching that's unless there is a European wide taxation hymn sheet and every country is singing off it, well except the UK. Marian Finucane Show on May 6th criticising the term "parity of esteem".

A chicken makes a contribution to the breakfast but a pig makes a commitment! Would that be parity of esteem regarding post conflict communities recognition and respect of each others cultural differences and shared space.

Ireland's most-listened-to radio station: the only national station with over 1 million listeners. Drivetime - Sounds bites from Mexican boarder towns owned by multi million dollar drug cartels.... Dublin City Council admission on failing to deal with a slumlord housing foreign nationals in death trap of squalor..... Abolishing the license fee on hold for now.....go to Africa when rte plays mostly African music I think its great ,everyone at rte should go there for the full experience and while in Ireland make as many African friends as you can so then they can go and move into your house and live there it will be a lovely time .

Tonnages of cocaine, black tar heroin and crystal met behind plaster walls..... Poor Migrant workers children's attending top learning institutions.... Not enough staff to review properties....1966 tenement legislation..... There is a vast majority of Irish people send money to Africa to help the negro while there are Irish men woman and children living on the streets homeless , Shame on people sending money to Africa your a disgrace to Ireland why don't you help your fellow citizens.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has said an IMF analysis showing Greece's debt is unsustainable justifies his government's decision to reject an aid package from creditors that offered no debt relief.