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By 1999, he was asking her to “run lines” with him in his home.

In one incident, Cosby allegedly gave her a “large white pill.” “I wouldn’t give anything to hurt you, trust me, it will just make you relax,” she said the comedian told her.

As rumors swirled on social media that year, a self-appointed advocate for the women, Cordelia Fiterre, created a secret Facebook group where the women compared hazy memories: offers of cocaine, marijuana or alcohol in Rogayan’s apartment on Chestnut Street; waking up in the morning feeling violated – or in the act of being sexually violated, according to alleged victims’ reports in the court record.

A total of 10 women have told police detectives they were raped, sexually abused or held captive by Rogayan in the decade before his arrest.

Here we are identifying them by initials, however, for the sake of clarity.