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Live wallpaper not updating

Throughout our entire series of Android tutorials, we’ve been using Since this is a research article, we’ll take a look at both options two and three.

To start off, we’ll first look at adapting the existing GLSurface View for use within a live wallpaper.

to get the surface holder provided by its superclass, Surface View, which assumes that it’s part of an activity as part of the content view.

Since we’re driving a live wallpaper, we don’t want to use this surface. If the live wallpaper’s visible, we tell gl Surface View to resume, and if it’s no longer visible, we tell it to pause.

This works, @Strit is correct, no need for the aur packages, but will use your processor heavily ( 30-35%), all live wallpapers do, so: Step 6: Crack an egg on your touchpad, enjoy breakfast.