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Select the camera and click on OPEN next to inner access.It will launch in web browser (Pls make sure you use IE as default browser) Users for IE10 should use compatibility mode cos I think the Active X under IE10 may not be functioning too well under the new browser. Your external web access will then be the url shown for The Remote URL. FYI, last time, my dlink office's ADSL DSL-2740B managed to allow us to access the cameras without the port-forwarding, but later, the upnp failed to work and we cannot access anymore. Alternatively, install the IP Camera Super Client (known as Management Software for PC) in the, you just need to key in the UID on the external computer and you should be able to view the camera without problem just like your mobile phone over 3G. If you work in a corporate environment where FIREWALL rule is strict.Expertly crafted to produce the fastest live streaming video for project monitoring.

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I went through your steps and entered the url shown, but got the message "The server at *** is taking too long to respond." Any ideas? trying to make everything small and compact and put into the box instead of over the web. remove your actual URL before some naughty people try to access your cameras... For your info, access URL should be, where SN is the serial number on your box as in what you have keyed in on the top. This T7833WIP resolution does not look as sharp as I thought it would. I did a simple short comparison of the cam in daytime, overcast weather, night time with white lighting and IR mode.

There are many people who buys from other sources but expect MARIX to give details and help on the product. FYI, I've released my PART 1 review on the VStarcam T7833WIP. So you guys can go check it out, I've read the post, nothing was filtered out. I'll be doing further testing on the camera this weekend n using the V6834W as my reference in the zooming Understand that the cameras will be released next week for Demo perhaps if anyone is keen on it, but must register with Marix (for local market only) via email.

I'll do more reviews later on the 3X OPTICAL ZOOM Clarity, etc later. I'm a bit turn off by the color actually for the camera at this moment. Select the camera and click on OPEN next to inner access.

You will not be able to use the office WIFI to view as it will be BLOCKED. Marix probably needs to do an official write-up on this. It is a preliminary review base on play around the camera concept after setup. Maybe I am too demanding or my expectation is high.

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