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It had been too long since a man had touched my bare flesh, had possessed me. It hurt when he forced his cock in my mouth until his knob hit the back of my throat which made me gulp as he pushed a long finger deep into my ass.

I knew I could not wait for Colin to come home when there was a willing hard prick just a few yards from my front door. I stood in front of the full length mirror in my bathroom and lifted up my skirt to reveal my shaved pussy. I dribbled saliva over his shaft and I laved his cock, coating it copiously with spit. ' Suddenly Anita was on the bed offering her pussy to my mouth making sure by gripping my hair and forcing my mouth into her cunt.

I was also thinking that at that moment he was thinking that he had his hard, long cock up my ass.

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Would you mind if we go home together.' 'No, Anita that would be lovely are you ready to go, you have to be pretty quick to catch it! We don't like using condoms and he won't let me go on the pill. ' We piled of the bus giggling like a couple of school girls and we linked arms and finally stopping in front of my house. ' 'No thanks, Eddy will be at home with his cock out, knowing him. I love to see other women getting it from him.' 'You have made my knickers all wet! She picked them up and sniffed deeply into them when she made them cushion her mouth and nose. ' 'You will, I think you are just what Eddy and I are looking for and you are just around the corner! ' 'Unless he has worn it out wanking himself over my sexy letters and pictures he should have eight inches and a bit.' 'Is he on the net? ' 'You will need to send him some of Eddy fucking me. It gets me very hot when I watch it and he gets out the KY Jelly and turns me belly-down. They spit into each others asses and finger it in and then mount them. I will even spit on your asshole myself to help him get it up you. When I went to pick my knickers up, they were gone.

My car is in dock so I will have to get the bus home tonight. I introduced her to him and he took a shine to her about the same time he started taking a shine to my bum. I don't like it because it hurts too much.' 'Colin, my husband and I do it that way. ' 'No, I am going to tell Eddy what you want from him and he will have your knickers off as soon as you come through our door, that's a certain promise. ' 'You really are up for this, me licking your pussy and Eddy fucking you in the ass, aren't you? I could smell our joint pussy odours in the enclosed space. ' 'Yes, Colin has a gay video, he nicked it out of a sex shop, or so he said. You tell that story to Eddy when he turns you belly-down.' 'In the film the guys only use spit. I will give Eddy lots to drink so he will have plenty of spit. Bring a tooth brush because we will not let you go until Monday morning. I can't wait to try it out on you, Jenny.' She kissed me good-bye and left me standing there.

I plonked myself down on the settee opposite him with my legs slightly open, not wearing any knickers. I am tempted, but I would not think of it without your blessing.

I held them so he would be able to see that the crotch was wet and soiled. Eddy knows that she licks my pussy and I give her my knickers for him to smell and taste and he is always telling her he would love to fuck me. I do not think I could take a thing that size up my ass.

I opened the lips with my fingers and slid a finger into my juicy hole. If we have to tie you down and rape you, that is how it will be.' I was too busy to answer her. It made my jaw ache because I had to open my mouth so wide! Anita got by me and dropped to her knees and then she spat onto my asshole and repeated it several times just spitting and then she was fingering my anus, working more and more fingers and spitting onto her fingers, loosening my hole ready for her husbands cock. I screamed into her pussy when his big cock started to force its way into my rectum..