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You cannot generate sustainable income, build relationships and retain loyal donors by mailing fill-in-the-blanks letters.

What common goals does the Sydney Opera House share with The National Rifle Association?

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They treat donors as purses, not people The only way I know of to get money without human contact is to use an automated banking machine. They choose the human being over the machine because senior citizens are often lonely. When you approach donors with generic, impersonal, copy-and-paste fundraising letter templates, you treat them as automated banking machines who should simply do as they are told and cough up the cash without delay. All you need to do is “copy and paste the following text into your word processing program,” “fill in the details that are specific to your organization,” “print out the letters on your organization’s letterhead,” and conclude your letter thus: “Today, you can make an immediate difference in the life of [homeless/orphans/etc.] Each [$ amount] you send provides [specific goods/services] to [number of people].” Then you recline your office chair and wait for the mailbags of donations to arrive from your fervent donors.